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Dauntless: How to Start Trials of Lady Luck

how to start trials of lady luck in dauntless

Dauntless: How to Start Trials of Lady Luck

Dauntless has a huge new update called Fortune & Glory that is finally out. The update brings with it a bunch of new features like the trials of Lady Luck a bunch of quality of life changes, and a few other things. If you’re wondering how to start trials of Lady Luck, here’s how to do it.

How to Start Trials of Lady Luck in Dauntless

Lady Luck and her difficult trials have appeared in Ramsgate thanks to the brand new update, but keep in mind that you can only participate in the trials every week if you’ve progressed to Rezakiri and Shrowd in your quest line. If you’re not that far yet, just keep completing your quests and you will eventually get to that point.

OK, so if you’ve progressed that far, here’s what you need to do to start the trials. Once you start your game and pop into Ramsgate, you are going to want to speak to Janek Zai.

If you forgot where his shop is, you need to head south/southeast from the beginning area and you will see a shop with a huge picture of two pistols crossed on top of one another. Speak to him about Lady Luck and then you’ll have a new objective that requires you to speak with Luck herself.

To get to her, head directly west from Janek Zai and you will eventually see the Wall of Champions. Lady Luck will be sitting to the right of the two huge leaderboards.

Once you speak to her, you should be able to see the Trial quests in the map section, where you see all of your other quests. Just choose the one you want to try out and the game will begin to matchmake.

And that’s pretty much everything you need to know about how to start the trials of Lady Luck in Dauntless.

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