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Dauntless 0.9.0 Patch Notes Reveal New Features & Lots of Quality of Life Updates

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Dauntless 0.9.0 Patch Notes Reveal New Features & Lots of Quality of Life Updates

Dauntless’ new update, Fortune & Glory, is now available to download and the patch notes reveal all of the new features and quality of life changes that are coming once the downtime ends.

The update became available at 1pm ET and the Patch Notes followed not long after, outlining all the changes. We’ll have to wait at least 90 minutes after the update goes live to be able to jump in, but you can read up on what to expect now.

The main new feature is the Trials of Lady Luck, which sees “Slayers who have progressed to Rezakiri and Shrowd… participate in a new Trial each week, competing to see who can conquer it the fastest.” You can then check a new leaderboards system, called Wall of Champions, to work out who is the best.

Elsewhere, the Dauntless 0.9.0 update adds the following:

  • A new snail-like creature called Smollusks that leaves trails of disruptive aether in their wake.
  • A new shop to spend Steel Marks and Gilded Marks at.
  • Fortune & Glory Hunt Pass.
  • An Easy Anti-Cheat system for PC players.
  • Changes to Common and Heroic drop rates.

On top of all that, there are some new quality of life changes that’ll fix a whole host of bugs that Dauntless players have had issues with. Some highlights are:

  • “Fixed a bug where some break parts wouldn’t visually show up after breaking the part.”
  • “Fixed an issue where the axe’s Vertical Ripper attack would deal rank 0 charge damage instead of rank 2 charge damage if it was overcharged.”
  • “Social interfaces will now “remember” their state, carrying over active tabs and categories from the airship to the island.”

You can check out everything that is new by reading the full Patch Notes. Otherwise, Dauntless Fortune and Glory is ready to play as of right now on PC, Xbox One, and PS4.

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