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Dauntless: How to Check Trials Leaderboard (Wall of Champions)


Dauntless: How to Check Trials Leaderboard (Wall of Champions)

Dauntless’ new update is now available to download for all platforms, including Xbox One, PC, and PS4. The new update titled Fortune & Glory brings with it a whole bunch of new features and quality of life changes that improve the overall gameplay experience of Dauntless. If you’re wondering how to check the trials leaderboard in Dauntless, then we have got you covered.

Checking the Trials Leaderboard (Wall of Champions) in Dauntless

The Trials of Lady Luck will have you competing against other players to see who can complete each week’s trials the fastest. The Wall of Champions celebrates the players that have mastered their weapons and combos and managed to quickly defeat the dangerously enhanced behemoths such as Nayzaga and Shrowd.

There are two different trials leaderboards to find in Dauntless; one is for solo Behemoth kills and the other is for group kills. If you’re having trouble finding the boards themselves, getting to them is really easy.

So, right when you start up the game and arrive in Ramsgate, all you have to do is head right and up to the stairs in the southwest. At the next landing, look over to your right and you will see the two leaderboards. Just press and hold the A button (XB1) or the X button (PS4) to interact with it –we’ve included a photo down below so you can see what it looks like:

how to check trials leaderboard in dauntless

And that’s how to check the Wall of Champions trials leaderboards in Dauntless.

Make sure to check out our wiki guide on the game right here if you need more help. Also, here are some guides to get you started:

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