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A Giant Robot Is Being Built in Fortnite Right Now

fortnite giant robot

A Giant Robot Is Being Built in Fortnite Right Now

As Fortnite Season 9 comes to a close, it looks like Epic is beginning to ramp up the in-game preparations. As of today, a giant robot is being built in the game over at Pressure Plant.

Spotted by Orikginal on Twitter first, there are two pretty giant metallic feet and the beginning of a leg over at the center of Pressure Plant, right in the heart of the old volcano. Exactly what this means for what’s to come at the end of Season 9, we’re not entirely sure. But considering a monster robbed off with Polar Peak’s castle and bailed into the sea… Robot vs Monster?

Oh boy, we really want a fight to the death between the robot and monster.

The state of Pressure Plant has changed slightly over the season, with more and more of the former volcano core being taken over by construction works and scaffolding. Now that it’s all in place, we could be looking at an end of season event inbound incredibly soon.

Just to give you an idea of the sheer size that the robot will finally reach, it’s currently only up to shin-height, and it’s taller than the lip of the volcano and on its way up towards the sky platform nearby.

fortnite robot

Fortnite Season 9 is due to end on July 18, with Season 10 starting immediately after. There have yet to be any clues dropped by Epic Games regarding what the new season’s theme could be, but chances are a monster and robot are going to be at the heart of resculpting the island.

The 14 Days of Summer event is currently underway, bringing a number of new challenges, cosmetics, and Limited Time Modes (LTMs) to the standard battle royale affair. You can check our guides for the giant beach balls, giant beach umbrellas, beach parties, unicorn floaties, and party balloon decorations challenges here.

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