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Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations (14 Days of Summer)


Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations (14 Days of Summer)

As part of the 14 Days of Summer event, there are a number of Fortnite unicorn floaties scattered across the map. One of the challenges tasks players to search three of these at swimming holes in order to nab yourself the Neon Tropics wrap for your weapons, vehicles, and other items. Here’s how to search Fortnite unicorn floaties at swimming holes.

Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations

Fortnite Unicorn Floaties Locations

As shown on the map above, there are seven Fortnite unicorn floaties at swimming holes you can search across the map. These aren’t just found at every one of the beach party locations, however, so don’t make this mistake. We’ve got screenshots of each numbered location marked down below to help you find them.

1. Northeast Corner of Loot Lake

In this corner of Loot Lake, by the little shack that has a vending machine spawn outside it, you’ll find one of the Fortnite unicorn floaties next to the boats.

2. Lazy Lagoon

Look under the boardwalk leading to the pirate ship at Lazy Lagoon to find another of the unicorn floaties.

3. Thermal Pools

fortnite unicorn floaties locations

In the northeastern most of the thermal pools just east of Lazy Lagoon and northwest of Sunny Steps, you’ll find another Fortnite unicorn floaty just floatin’ around.

4. Lonely Lodge

fortnite unicorn floaties locations

Right next to the main building in Lonely Lodge you’ll find a waterfall. You’ll find another of them just chillin’ next to it.

5. Dusty Divot

Another of the Fortnite unicorn floaties can be found in the northern-most pool in Dusty Divot. It’s just south of the diner and north of the camp in the divot itself.

6. Fatal Fields

fortnite unicorn floaties locations

The little lake in the south of Fatal Fields has yet another one of the inflatables cruisin around on the water by the little boardwalk.

7. Oasis Southwest of Paradise Palms

fortnite unicorn floaties locations

Directly north of the gas station in the desert biome and southwest of Paradise Palms, you’ll find another unicorn floaty just by the boat with the chest in the center.

8. Paradise Palms

Finally, there’s another of the unicorn floaties in the garden just southeast of the hotel in Paradise Palms.

How to Search Fortnite Unicorn Floaties

Once you’ve found a unicorn floaty at a swimming hole, all you need to do is walk on over to it and press X on Xbox One, Square on PS4, Y on Switch, or E on PC to interact with and search it. Doing so will see it count towards your progress for this 14 Days of Summer challenge. There’s nothing more to it.

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