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New Star Citizen Videos Focus on Alpha 3.6 and More as Crowdfunding passes $228 Million

Star Citizen

New Star Citizen Videos Focus on Alpha 3.6 and More as Crowdfunding passes $228 Million

Cloud Imperium Games released a pair of interesting new video focusing on upcoming content and update for its space simulator Star Citizen.

The first video that you’ll see below shows the exterior rework done to the space stations, which will roll out in Alpha 3.6 which should come around the end of the month. Interiors will be expanded in the following major update, likely around September.

We also get to see how the developers are working on making bartenders more lively, and how the exterior of the Aegis Vanguard (which happens to be my favorite ship) is being reworked.

The second video features a panel with Director Chris Roberts himself and the leaders of the various “pillars” of development as they discuss what’s coming in Alpha 3.6.

In other Star Citizen news, the crowdfunding total has gained another million and it’s now at $228,120,931. The count of registered users is at 2,339,126 at the moment of this writing.

You can watch the videos below. If you want to hear more about Star Citizen, you can read our interview with Cloud Imperium Games Los Angeles studio director Eric Kieron Davis discussing all things about the current alpha 3.5.

You can also check out a recent video showcasing the 890 Jump, another focusing on the Origin 300 series and customization, and the most recent one showing the Esperia Prowler.

For the sake of full disclosure, you should probably keep in mind that the author of this article is among the backers of the game since the original Kickstarter campaign a long time ago.

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