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Fortnite Week 8 Challenges: How to Complete All Season 9 Week 8 Challenges


Fortnite Week 8 Challenges: How to Complete All Season 9 Week 8 Challenges

Once again, the Fortnite week 8 challenges don’t really offer anything that’s going to be all that challenging for players to complete. Still, if you’re looking for some tips on how to get them out of the way quickly, we’ll run you through everything you need to know about them in one place.

Fortnite Season 9 Week 8 Challenge List

  • Apply shields (400)
  • Visit different clocks (3)
  • Eliminate opponents in Snobby Shores or Mega Mall (7)
  • Deal damage to opponents with Assault Rifles (500)
  • Stage 1: Land at Paradise Palms
    • Stage 2: Land at Neo Tilted
    • Stage 3: Land at Mega Mall
    • Stage 4: Land at Pleasant Park
    • Stage 5: Land at Junk Junction
  • Use a volcano vent, air vent, and a zipline in a single match (1)
  • Eliminations outside of named locations (5)

How to Complete Week 8 Challenges Easily

First off, applying 400 shields is an incredibly easy challenge to complete. This can be done over as many matches as you want, with either small shield potions, or the larger blue pots. It can also be completed with Chug Jugs for a huge 100 shield boost, mushroom for smaller top-ups, or the relatively new Chug Splash item, as long as you’ve got full health.

To visit different clocks, you’ll need to head to Junk Junction, Happy Hamlet, and Neo Tilted. We’ve got a convenient map for you down below, but if you want more precise directions, you can check out our in-depth guide here.

Fortnite Clock Locations

Eliminating opponents in Snobby Shores or Mega Mall is another relatively straightforward challenge in week 8, but one that might cause you some trouble if you’re not the best at combat. Your best bet to get this done quickly is to land at these locations out of the Battle Bus at the start of the game and focus on looking for a weapon, rather than a chest.

It’s going to be incredibly busy at these locations for the next few days while the majority of players try and complete the challenges, though, so just be prepared. You’ll need to get seven eliminations at either of these two named locations (they all count) and these can be accrued over multiple games.

Dealing damage with Assault Rifles is another fairly simple one. We recommend diving into a game of Team Rumble, as respawns are enabled and you can easily rack up a number of eliminations with any of the ARs in a single match so you can complete this challenge. Eliminations with any of the following weapons will count:

  • Heavy Assault Rifle
  • Scoped Assault Rifle
  • Assault Rifle
  • Infantry Rifle

We’re skipping the “Land at…” staged challenge, because that doesn’t need explaining here. Next, you’ll need to use a volcano vent, zipline, and air vent in a single match. For this, we recommend heading to the Hot Springs area just northeast of Lazy Lagoon. Here, you’ll find a number of ziplines and volcano vents you can use.

From there, head to either Pressure Plant or just southwest of Lazy Lagoon to find an air vent at one of the Sky Platforms. Rounding out the week 8 challenges if yet another that doesn’t really require much explanation. Simply rack up five eliminations while outside of the various named locations on your map.

We’d recommend team rumble for this one again, as the final circle tends to last for a long time, congests players into a small area, and is often outside of a named location. Simple!

For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 9 guide wiki. Looking for help with some of the past weekly challenges? We’ve got guides for them down below:

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