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Fortnite Clock Locations: Visit Different Clocks (Season 9 Week 8 Challenge)


Fortnite Clock Locations: Visit Different Clocks (Season 9 Week 8 Challenge)

Out of all of the Fortnite Season 9 week 8 challenges, only one really stands to cause players much of an issue. “Visit Different Clocks” may sound simple in premise, but if you don’t know where these are, you’re going to have a bad time. Here are all clock locations to help you complete this week’s challenge.

All Clock Locations in Fortnite (Season 9 Week 8 Challenge)

There are five different clocks you can visit for the week 8 challenge, and all of which are located all across Fortnite’s map.

fortnite clock locations


Junk Junction (B2)

While the majority of Junk Junction is in grid reference B1, the southwest corner is the first place you can visit different clocks in Fortnite. It’s the old Tilted Towers clock, and it’s lying on the floor propped up against a tower.

Fortnite Clock Junk Junction

Neo Tilted (D5) – Fortnite Clock Locations

For this one, you’re heading to the southwest corner of Neo Tilted. Rather than an old analog timepiece, you can now find a fancy new digital tower. Land on the top of it to tick off another part of this week 8 challenge.

Fortnite Clock Locations Neo Tilted

Happy Hamlet (D9)

Finally, you’re heading down to Happy Hamlet. Here, right in the center of this named location, you’ll find another tower standing. It’s also got a driftboard balancing on the roof, in case you cared.

For this one, you’ll either need to land on the top of the tower from the Battle Bus, or build up to it from the ground.

Fortnite Clocks Happy Hamlet

Sunny Steps (I3) – Fortnite Clock Locations

There’s also another Fortnite clock which can be found in Sunny Steps. Technically, it’a a sundial, but it counts towards one of the clocks in the game. You can check it in our screenshot below.

Fortnite clock sunny steps

Southwest of Paradise Palms (G9)

You may recall a sundial from a challenge in a previous season found in the southwest corner of the desert biome. Well, turns out this will work just as well for the Fortnite ‘Visit Different Clocks’ challenge in Season 9, too.

Completing this week 8 challenge will get you five Battle Stars to help you level up your Season 9 Battle Pass.

There you have all the Fortnite clock locations for the “Visit Different Clocks” challenge in week 8. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to check out our ever-expanding Fortnite Season 9 guide wiki.

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