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Outer Wilds: How to Land on the Quantum Moon

how to land on quantum moon in outer wilds

Outer Wilds: How to Land on the Quantum Moon

One of the big mysteries in Outer Wilds is just what the heck the deal is with that mysterious moon that appears and orbits planets and then suddenly disappears when it’s not being looked at. That is the Quantum Moon, and chances are you’ve tried to land on it to no avail. Well, here’s how to land on the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds, because yes, we cracked it.

Landing on the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds

Because this is a weird moon that appears and disappears (much like those weird stones that let off Quantum Distortions you can track with your Signal Repeater), you can’t simply fly over to it once you’ve spotted it and land on it.

Instead, you’ll actually need to take a photo of it with your Scout Drone. When you see the Quantum Moon circling a planet, equip your Scout with RB.

Fire it off and snap any kind of photo of the Quantum Moon. Now, keep this up and open on the screen in your ship as you make your way towards it.

Now, rather than simply passing through the moon, as long as you have this photo of the Quantum Moon open and visible, you should pass through its murky atmosphere and be able to land on its surface.

Why Does a Photo of the Moon Let You Land on It?

Before we go any further, this is entering a little bit of spoiler territory, so if you want to uncover this for yourself, we advise you go to Giant’s Deep and search for the Quantum Fluctuation here. Once you’ve landed on the mysterious island here and solved the little puzzles, you’ll then have ‘Recalled the Rules of Quantum Imaging.’

The above is a short and simplified version of why taking a photo of the Quantum Moon allows you to land on it in Outer Wilds. For those wanting the full, unfiltered, spoiler-heavy version, read on.

Simply put, the Nomiad’s discovered that the Quantum Stones you’ve been uncovering across the solar system seemingly came from this Quantum Moon, and “Observing a Quantum Object; Observing an Image of a Quantum Object, these are the same.” Therefore, as long as you can consistently observe an image of the Quantum Moon, it cannot move as you land on it.

This is one of the three different rules regarding Quantum Objects that the Nomiads have learned and you’ll be tasked with recalling them by visiting various Quantum Stones scattered across the solar system in Outer Wilds.

That’s all you need to know to land on the Quantum Moon in Outer Wilds. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also added some more guides for the game down below for your convenience.

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