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Outer Wilds: How to Get Inside Tower of Quantum Knowledge

how to get inside tower of quantum knowledge in outer wilds

Outer Wilds: How to Get Inside Tower of Quantum Knowledge

As you begin to unravel Outer Wilds’ space mystery, you’ll need to get inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge on Brittle Hollow. Problem is, the entrance that you’re led to by the various Nomiad scrawlings on the planet and around the tower itself is broken and there’s no actual way of getting up there. Here’s how to get inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge in Outer Wilds.

Where the Tower of Quantum Knowledge Is in Outer Wilds

The first things you’ll need to do is actually track down where the Tower of Quantum Knowledge is. Simply put, it’s on Brittle Hollow, and you’ll find it surrounded by trees. The top of the tower is a pale-colored building with a grill over the top that you can look down and into the tower of from the surface of the planet.

The best way to track down the Tower of Quantum Knowledge’s location is to use your Signal Repeater and track the Quantum Fluctuations coming from Brittle Hollow. This will lead you to one of those mysterious space rocks that moves whenever you’re not looking at it.

It just so happens that one of these stones is right next to the Tower of Quantum Knowledge, so once you find this, you’re there.

How to Get Inside Tower of Quantum Knowledge

The problem is, once you actually get to the tower’s location, no matter if you follow the stairs down towards the entrance, you won’t find a way in. Taking the grav lift down to the entrance will result in you reaching the very bottom of the tower, but then the gravity wall/ path is all broken and there’s no way to make it up there.

Instead, you’ve just got to wait for time to pass. As you may have noticed, as time passes in the 20-minute loop before the sun goes supernova, many of the planets in Outer Wilds change in little ways. In the case of Brittle Hollow, its surrounding sun is blasting the crap out of it with flaming rocks. These are causing chunks of it to break apart from the rest of the planet.

Any parts that do break off then fall into the black hole looming at the very core of the planet. Once they drop into this, they’ll exit out of a white hole far away in space. Fortunately for us, the chunk of land that the Tower of Quantum Knowledge is based on will fall into this black hole after about 10-15 minutes have passed from when you wake up.

Therefore, we suggest hanging around in the nearby vicinity of the Tower of Quantum Knowledge. Land your ship on the top of the tower, and wait for it to fall into the black hole. Once it does, you can then exit out of your ship (make sure you’re all filled up with oxygen and jetpack fuel), and simply fly your way up through the various levels.

In here, you’ll find plenty of information that’ll unravel more of the mystery surrounding the Nomiads and what they were up to, particularly regarding the Quantum Moon and the Eye of the Universe.

That’s everything you need to know regarding how to get inside the Tower of Quantum Knowledge on Brittle Hollow in Outer Wilds. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite. Alternatively, check out some of our other guides down below.

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