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Outer Wilds: How to Avoid & Get Past Anglerfish

how to avoid get past anglerfish in outer wilds

Outer Wilds: How to Avoid & Get Past Anglerfish

Anglerfish are the main danger you’ll come across when exploring Dark Bramble in Outer Wilds. Just like their real-life counterparts, these beasts have giant teeth and a glowing light lingering just over their faces. Problem is, this space-variant is giant and will gobble you up in seconds if it catches you. Here’s how to avoid and get past Anglerfish in Outer Wilds.

Avoiding Anglerfish in Outer Wilds

The first thing that’s worth noting here is that Anglerfish are only found on Dark Bramble. Specifically, they’re found within the ‘core’ of the planet that looks strangely similar to the dark bramble ‘seed’ you can find that’s crashed into Timber Hearth.

When you head inside Dark Bramble itself, your whole view of your surroundings will be obscured with a dense fog. All you’ll really be able to see are the dark bramble vines as you get close to them, and the glowing lights of various ‘seeds.’

However, the problem is, some of those lights could also be those of Anglerfish lurking in wait for you to get too close.

As such, you’ll want to use your Signal Repeater as soon as you get in to identify the direction you want to head in. For example, if you’re seeking out Feldspar, you’ll want to use it to track his harmonica.

If you’re looking for the other Nomiad escape pod, you’ll need to change the frequency to the Distress Beacon.

Once you’ve figured out the direction you’re heading in, aim your ship and propel yourself once. Don’t hold down your thrusters, though. We’ll explain why right now.

Getting Past Anglerfish Undetected in Outer Wilds

Simply put, Anglerfish are blind, and so they won’t be able to see you if you pass right by their ugly, giant teeth-filled faces. What they will be alerted to, however, is any kind of noise.

Crashing into any of the brambles if you’re close to one of these beasties will have them screaming and hurtling towards you in a matter of seconds. That’s not the only thing you can’t be doing, though.

You’ll simply need to be very, very, light on your ship’s (or jetpack, if you’re weird and wanna hop out of the safety of your ship) thruster.

As soon as you’ve figured out the direction you need to head in, give it an ever-so-gentle blast of your thrusters and leave it at that. Give it tiny, tiny movements of your analog stick to adjust your path if a bramble vine is going to get in your way.

Other than that, you’ll just need to drift slowly through the foggy depths of Dark Bramble until you reach your destination.

Admittedly, it took us a few times for this to work perfectly for us, and Anglerfish are incredibly sensitive to sound, so you’ll need to be incredibly careful that there isn’t one around as you propel yourself initially.

Armed with this knowledge, you should now be able to explore the depths of Dark Bramble and uncover its mysteries in… relative safety.

That’s all you need to know to avoid and get past Anglerfish in Outer Wilds. For more tips, tricks, and guides, be sure to search for Twinfinite. We’ve also included some of our other guides for the game down below, because we’re good like that.

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