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My Time at Portia Gets a Launch Trailer for its Console Release

My Time at Portia Review

My Time at Portia Gets a Launch Trailer for its Console Release

My Time at Portia releases on console today and is marking the occasion with a launch trailer.

The trailer, which you can watch down below, shows the full range of the insane amount of things you can do in the post-apocalyptic farming and lifestyle sim, from rearing livestock and growing fruit and veg, to facing off against a variety of mutated and robotic beasties.

It also gives us a look at the more social side of of the open-world RPG, through crafting and customizing your home, buttering up your neighbors with gifts, finding love and even getting married.

The game puts an adorable spin on a post-apocalyptic setting, and over time you rebuild your community and bring life back to the land of Portia.

Developed by Pathea Games and published by Team17 Digital, My Time at Portia first came out on PC back in January and is available on Steam, GOG and the Epic Games Store. It released to an overwhelmingly positive response and has been compared to other rural life sims like Stardew Valley and Animal Crossing, although it takes some interesting visual cues from Studio Ghibli.

The game’s popularity is no surprise considering how versatile it is. The moment it starts you move into your Pa’s old workshop with the goal of fixing it up, but from there on out what you do is up to you.

With so much of the world to explore, with skills to build and things to make, how you explore your new hometown is truly up to you.

Today the game is finally available on PS4, Xbox One and the Switch, getting both a physical and digital release. Those who pre-ordered will get the “Housewarming Gift Set”, a collection of exclusive items including clothes, furniture and consumables.

For more on My Time at Portia, check out our review of the game on PC.

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