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My Time at Portia Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Every Character

My Time at Portia, Best Gifts for Every Character

My Time at Portia Gift Guide: Best Gifts for Every Character

Best Gifts for Every Character in My Time at Portia

Aside from working on your farm, My Time at Portia lets you mingle with the different townspeople. Everyone has their own quirks and interests, and the best way to become fast friends is by giving them gifts. Here are everyone’s favorite items in My Time at Portia:

Bachelors in My Time at Portia

  • Aadit – Talisman, Rainbow Lemonade, Tail Feather, Roses, Succulent Plant
  • Albert – Spicy Fish Soup, Roses, Golden Necklace, Pot of Asteria
  • Antoine – Small Satchel, Sapphire Ring, Vegetable Salad, Fruit Salad, Roses
  • Arlo –Bronze Sword, Iron Sword, Multi-Function Knife, Arm Stretcher, Waist Pack, Seafood Noodles, Roses
  • Django – Cooking Master, Pot of Asteria, Paper Flower, Crystal Chandelier, Craft Candle, Bronze Sword, Delicious Roasted Ribs, Roses
  • Erwa – Roses, Dark Coffee Table, Exquisite Fountain Pen, Red Tea
  • Gust – Umbrella, Roses, Bacon Fish Roll, Structural Dimension Theory, 500 Design Samples, Structural Aesthetic
  • Liuwa – Sunglasses, Peach’s Amulet, Roses, Fluffy Pendant, Panbat Mask, Colorful Hat
  • Oaks – Busy Farm, Carving Knife, Crafter’s Toolbox, Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Roses
  • Qiwa – Wise Fish, Emperor Wise Fish, Lantern Fish, Emperor Lantern Fish, Sweet Caviar, Deluxe Fishing Kit, Roses
  • Remington – Rainbow Lemonade, Waist Pack, Roses, Leather Belt
  • Sanwa – Roses, Fruit Salad, Vegetable Salad
  • Siwa – Logic Cube, Roasted Pork With Honey, Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Roses
  • Tody – Wise Fish, Emperor Wise Fish, Bubblefish, Emperor Bubblefish, Cooking Master, Sweet Caviar, Bubblefish Stew, Roses
  • Wuwa – Rubber Tire, Yellow Duck Surfboard, Delicious Roasted Ribs, Roses
  • Xu – Journey From The East, Flower Scooper, Meat and Mushrooms Stew, Tail Feather, Roses

Bachelorettes in My Time at Portia

  • Alice – Crystal Necklace, Busy Farm, Stewed Mushroom, Roses, Vegetable Salad
  • Emily – Busy Farm, Chicken Earrings, Pumpkin Pie, Fruit Salad, Journey From The East, Roses
  • Ginger – Journey From The East, Rainbow Lemonade, Umbrella, Roses, Butterfly Hairpin
  • Lucy – Crystal Necklace, Old Basin, Photo Album, Small Dagger, Rainbow Lemonade, Roses
  • Mei – Roses, Photo Album, Jewelry Box, Camera
  • Nora – Rainbow Lemonade, Spaghetti with Hot Sauce, Roses, The Waiting Girl Music Box, Wooden Music Box, Fluffy Rabbit, Colorful Swimsuit
  • Petra – Journey From The East, Rainbow Lemonade, Toy Robot, Power Stone, Roses
  • Phyllis – Yellow Sapphire Necklace, Magnetic Bracelet, Talisman, Seafood Noodles, Roses
  • Sam – Roses
  • Sonia – Small Satchel, Yellow Sapphire Necklace, Vegetable Salad, Roses

Non-Romanceable in My Time at Portia

  • Ack – Iron Pan, Copper Coil, Roses, Frying Pan
  • Carol – Jewelry Box, Cooking Master, Basic Sewing Machine, Vegetable Salad, Pigments, Carbon Fiber, Roses
  • Dawa – Busy Farm, Yellow Sapphire Necklace, Roses, Special Salmon Fried Rice, Fish Porridge, Crystal Necklace
  • Dolly – Cooking Master, Stuffed Bear, Fruit Salad, Dried Apricot, Roses
  • Gale – Tea Table, Special Salmon Fried Rice, Roses, Red Tea
  • Isaac – Tea Table, Bookmark, Red Tea, Roses
  • Jack – Rainbow Lemonade, Pinecock Costume, Aroma Apple, Roses
  • Lee – Wall Light, Oil Brush, Teapot, Mushroom Crepe With Fruit Sauce, Roses
  • Mars – Bubblefish Stew, Crafter’s Toolbox, Roses
  • Martha – Shrimp and Cheese on Rice, Cooking Master, Feather Duster, Vacuum Cleaner, Frying Pan, Seafood Paella, Roses
  • McDonald – Water Bucket, Roses
  • Merlin – Silicon Chipset, Strange Soup, Roses
  • Mint – Roses
  • Molly – Fruit Tart, Roses, Blonde Doll, Furry Scarf, Silk Scarf
  • Abu – Aroma Apple
  • Paulie – Wall Light, Llama Sculpture, Spicy Tea, Simple Desk, Roses
  • Pinky – Emperor Wise Fish, Emperor Lantern Fish, Emperor Blue Mackerel, Emperor King Salmon, Dried Blade Fish, Emperor Wise Fish
  • Polly – Casual Hoodie, Journey From The East, Harmonica, Dried Apricot, Silk Scarf, Roses
  • Presley – Seafood Stew Mix, Golden Toad, Tea Set, Roses
  • QQ – Aroma Apple
  • Russo – Dark Coffee Table, Delicious Roasted Ribs, Roses
  • Scraps – Dried Blade Fish, Bacon Fish Roll, Bubblefish Stew, Bubbleship Soup, Spiced Steak
  • Sophie – Busy Farm, Bamboo Papaya With Egg-On-Top, Water Bucket, Roses
  • Toby – Pinecock Costume, Panbat Mask, Journey From The East, Slingshot, Toy Robot, Fossil Replica, Aroma Apple, Sunglasses, Roses
  • Yeye – Roses

We’ll be updating this post with more details as soon as new information surfaces. For more tips and tricks on My Time at Portia, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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