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Dead by Daylight Adds New Endgame Collapse Phase

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Dead by Daylight Adds New Endgame Collapse Phase

Behaviour Interactive has just announced that they have added a new Endgame Collapse Phase to Dead by Daylight. This new trials stage is designed to add a level of urgency for players to act quickly before The Entity kills them.

In the Dead by Daylight forum post detailing the Endgame Collapse the development team provides the following description of the new phase:

“In order to improve the overall trials gameplay experience, we are introducing the Endgame Collapse, a new phase that pushes all lingering Survivors to escape before being claimed by The Entity. The End game Phase will raise the stakes, urging The Killers and Survivors to make tough decisions while under the pressure of the timer.

This new endgame phase adds a 3-minute countdown when activated, new gate, hatch and generator interactions and a brand-new entity sacrifice when the timer expires.”

The Endgame Collapse will be activated once the players have opened a powered exit gate or closed the hatch. It should be noted that while both the survivors and killer can open an exit gate, only the killer is able to close the hatch.

Overall this seems like a smart change to make to Dead by Daylight. The Endgame Collapse should add a new level of excitement to matches without completely changing the core gameplay fans have come to expect from the title.

You can watch the developer video on the Endgame Collapse below if you want to learn more about the new change. For more on Dead by Daylight, be sure to check out our coverage of the game’s upcoming dedicated servers, Fall Switch release, and recent addition of Ash Williams as a playable character.

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