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Buy a PlayStation 4 Pro from Best Buy, Get a Free PlayStation Classic

PlayStation Classic

Buy a PlayStation 4 Pro from Best Buy, Get a Free PlayStation Classic

Best Buy is running a flash sale until 10 PM PST (1 AM EST). If you want to buy gaming desktops, 4K televisions, and speakers, you can purchase specific models for pennies on the dollar. Even though the PlayStation 4 Pro isn’t discounted, anyone who buys the console during the sale will also receive a free PlayStation Classic with their purchase.

The PlayStation Classic initially released with a $100 price tag, and even though our Giuseppe Nelva enjoyed his time with the miniature console, other gamers and critics were disappointed. The console dropped to $60 less than a month after release and is now $40 through distributors such as Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy, even though the sale announcement states the console is worth $60.

Some games on the PlayStation Classic, such as Final Fantasy VII, are also available on the PlayStation 4 through the PlayStation Store. However, other classics, including Twisted Metal and Metal Gear Solid, are not playable on the PlayStation 4. And, even though Oddworld: Abe’s Oddysee and Resident Evil are available on the PlayStation 4, the digital store stocks their remakes, not the polygonal originals.

Even though Best Buy is giving away the PlayStation Classic for free with qualifying PS4 Pro sales, the BOGO sale comes with a few stipulations. Refurbished, open-box PS4 Pros do not count as qualifying purchases, and even though the miniature console is automatically added to the carts of anyone who buys a PS4 Pro, the consoles might ship separately. Furthermore, this sale is only available in the United States.

This giveaway is slightly reminiscent of when German GameStop stores bundled free copies of Fallout 76 with Xbox One and PlayStation 4 controllers. However, while many gamers were only underwhelmed by the PlayStation Classic, Fallout 76 was the subject of numerous controversies, including a lawsuit and the infamous canvas bag switcheroo.

Only time will tell if this sale is Best Buy is trying to get rid of excess, unsold PlayStation Classic units or just an unusual attempt to sell more PlayStation 4 Pro consoles.

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