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Segata Sanshiro Returns for Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary Event at Sega Fes

Segata Sanshiro Sega

Segata Sanshiro Returns for Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary Event at Sega Fes

Sega announced today with a press release more details about the events happening at the upcoming Sega Fes in Japan. Segata Sanshiro in the flesh will be on stage.

The event will see the company’s CEO Haruki Satomi on stage with the latest news, and last year we got some big ones like the new Sakura Wars game, Shenmue I & II, and the Mega Drive Mini. It’s likely that we’ll get more surprises this year.

The stage event will be titled SEGA Fan Meet-Up 2019 and it’ll happen on March 30 at 10:30 AM Japan time at the Belle Salle Akihabara venue.

Perhaps even more exciting for the nostalgics, is the Sega Saturn 25th Anniversary Thanksgiving event that will be hosted on the same day and in the same venue at 5:00 PM. The event will look back at the history of the Saturn and a very important guest will make an appearance.

The legendary Hiroshi Fujioka will be on stage to celebrate the Saturn. If you don’t know who he is (shame on you!), he played the hero in the first Kamen Rider and a metric ton of other shows afterward. He also was Segata Sanshiro, the protagonist of a series of absolutely epic Sega ads at the time of the Saturn.

If you have never seen them, you can watch them below in a compilation video courtesy of Saturn Memories.

Seg Fes will be hosted the Belle Salle Akihabara venue in Tokyo between March 30 and March 31.

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