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New Yakuza Game Confirmed for PS4 as Sega Launches Auditions for Female Characters

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New Yakuza Game Confirmed for PS4 as Sega Launches Auditions for Female Characters

Today Sega opened the official page for the auditions for the female characters of the brand new mainline Yakuza game.

While not much is known about the game itself, the announcement finally confirms that it will be on PS4, continuing with a tradition of PlayStation exclusivity (at least at launch) that has perdured since the first game of the franchise.

The new title will star a new protagonist named Ichiban Kasuga, even if it’s not known whether beloved hero Kazuma Kiryu will appear at all in a supporting role. Interestingly, the working title “Shin Ryu Ga Gotoku” which was used until now (basically translating into “New Yakuza”) has disappeared and the game is simply referred to as “Newest Yakuza Game”

The audition seeks ladies over 20 living in Japan to play the role of “main-class characters.” It doesn’t matter whether they are part of a professional agency or not. The deadline for the application is April 21, 2019.

Those who will pass will appear in the game as the “hero’s friends” (the wording used is “nakama,” which can be used for many different meanings that can range from “friend” to “comrade” or “partner”), a copy of the game, and a monetary prize.

We also learn that the characters played by the successful applicants will “fight together” with Ichiban Kasuga, even if it remains to be seen if this is meant literally.

The audition will be hosted in three stages from May to early June, with the announcement of the winners coming in July 2019. This timeline is interesting because it means that the game could still come out this year in Japan, possibly during the traditional December window.

Below you can check out some artwork featured in the website and showcasing Ichiban Kasuga with a female silhouette. It’ll certainly be interesting to see how this game will shape up, and we’ll probably know a lot more this summer. In the meanwhile, you can also check out today’s new assets for the Yakuza 5 PS4 remaster.


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