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Fortnite 8.10 Update Adds The Baller and Reworked Vending Machines

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Fortnite 8.10 Update Adds The Baller and Reworked Vending Machines

Epic Games revealed the patch notes for the 8.10 update coming to Fortnite today, making changes and adding new content for all of its modes.

The Baller, as revealed yesterday, is a single seat vehicle found at Expedition Outposts that can both boost and grapple in Battle Royale. The hamster ball-like vehicle also provides complete protection for the driver from damage, but has 300 health and can be destroyed by enemy fire.

Vending Machines have been slightly changed with the 8.10 update from its introduction last year. The machines no longer cost materials to purchase an item, but each Vending Machine will be destroyed after taking one item.

Another big change for Battle Royale is the matchmaking pools between platforms. The Xbox One and PlayStation 4 pools have been combined, while Nintendo Switch and mobile pools have been combined as well.

Nintendo Switch players were initially combined with the other consoles in cross-play, though the players have felt they were at a disadvantage competing against other platforms due to the game’s sub-par performance on the hardware.

Finally for Battle Royale, using the Infinite Dab emote has been extended from 12 to 13 hours in the lobby. That is up another hour since it was changed with the beginning of Season 8 last month.

Battle Royale, Creative, and the cooperative Save the World modes all received plenty of bug fixes and performance improvements in the update. Check out the full list of changes in the official Fortnite 8.10 patch notes.

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