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Fortnite’s The Baller Hamster-Ball Vehicle Is Coming Soon, Charge Spots Appear In-Game

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Fortnite’s The Baller Hamster-Ball Vehicle Is Coming Soon, Charge Spots Appear In-Game

Following the vaulting of the controversial X4-Stormwing Planes in Fortnite, Epic Games is rolling out (pardon the pun) a new hamster ball-style vehicle called The Baller very soon.

The news comes via the ‘News’ tab within the game, which gives us our first glimpse of what the vehicle looks like. You can check it out in our screenshot down below.

Fortnite The Baller

As you can see, Epic has yet to really share much about Fortnite’s upcoming vehicle, but from the image, it looks like it’ll just be a single-man vehicle and will, in a way, bring back the Grappler, with one seemingly attached to the front.

Specifics regarding whether or not The Baller will provide any sort of additional shield (what with you being in a giant plastic ball) have yet to be shared either.

However, what’s worth noting is that there are now a number of odd circle-shaped bases laying around by Expedition Outposts on Fortnite’s map. You can check ’em out down below.

Fortnite The Baller

These look the exact same as what Fortnite dataminer lucas7yoshi pulled from patch notes a week or two ago, suggesting The Baller may need a recharge of juice in order to protect players or use its grappling ability.

That’s just us speculating on what this ‘charger’ could be used for with Fortnite’s new vehicle. It could just be spawn points for The Baller, but we’ll just have to wait and see for now.

Regarding a release date for The Baller, all Epic has said for now is it’s ‘coming soon.’ However, in most cases, when a new weapon, feature, or item appears in the in-game news feed, it arrives during that week’s content update.

If this is the case for The Baller, chances are we’ll see it arrive tomorrow, if Epic sticks to its usual update schedule.

Fortnite is available now on PS4, PC, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, iOS and Android devices… so basically, everywhere! You can check out our Fortnite Season 8 wiki for plenty of tips, tricks, and guides.

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