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Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid: What It Is, Release Date, Level Requirements & Everything We Know So Far

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Division 2 Operation Dark Hours Raid: What It Is, Release Date, Level Requirements & Everything We Know So Far

Dark Hours Raid Release Date, Level Requirements & Everything You Need to Know

The Division 2 has arrived and it is a game packed to the brim with PvE and PvP content. There’s lots that you can entertain yourself with on the path to max level, but anyone that reaches the endgame is going to have one thing on their mind: the raid. Here’s everything we know right now about the first Division 2 raid, Dark Hours; it’s release date, level requirements and more.


Dark Hours is going to be completely free to all Division 2 players. There’s no cost associated with it and it is not part of the optional Year 1 pass.

Dark Hours Release Date

Right now, no one knows exactly when Dark Hours is going to come out, except for maybe Ubisoft and the development team, but hey, they might not even be 100% sure.

It’s fairly common practice to delay the release of a raid a bit, even if it’s technically ready to go, in order to give players a bit of time to enjoy the leveling up experience without the pressure of being “raid ready” and to also give everyone time to actually get decent enough gear to survive it.

Expect the raid to be extremely challenging, even more so than the game’s Strongholds. It will be something reserved for hardcore Division 2 players and clans that have eight people capable of extreme coordination and skill if the Division 1 incursions are anything to go off.

Level Requirements

The exact level requirements haven’t been revealed and probably won’t until Dark Hours gets a release date. However, you can assume that you will just want to be as high as possible.

Currently the max level in The Division 2 is level 30. Achieving that we have to assume is a given. The max gear score as of right now is 450, you’ll probably need or want to be as close to that number as possible to have a chance to survive.

What We Know So Far About The Division 2’s Dark Hours Raid

If we’re being honest… not that much. It will, obviously, take place in the DC area. We’re not going back to New York or anything crazy like that. At all the preview events Ubisoft held for the event that Twinfinite attended the raid wasn’t playable.

So neither us or really anyone else has a feel for what is in store yet. We’ll keep you updated if we learn more.

That does it for everything you need to know about The Division 2’s Dark Hours raid. For more FAQs answered, be sure to check out our wiki guide which is chock full of helpful guides.

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