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SNK Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Delicious Neo Geo Sake

SNK Neo Geo Sake

SNK Celebrates 40th Anniversary with Delicious Neo Geo Sake

Japanese developer SNK is celebrating its 40th anniversary of activity, and besides its Collection of retro games on Switch and PS4, they’re celebrating in the best way possible, with delicious sake.

Today the company opened the sale of a special batch of bottles of sake on its online store. They also released a branded sake cup, but that’s already sold out.

The Neo Geo Junmai Daiginjo has been up for preorders since January 25th, and finally today fans are able to enjoy that special drink, unless they just want to display it on a shelf, of course.

If you’re wondering “Junmai Daiginjo” is pretty much the best the sake world can offer, with rice grains polished to half their original weight. The price certainly reflects it: we’re looking at 9,800 yen for a relatively small 720ml bottle. That translates to $88.5.

While the bottle is branded Neo Geo, of course, it’s not produced by SNK in-house. It’s made by Moroyama-based brewery Asahara, in Saitama prefecture, a company with a history dating back to 1882.

SNK itself has seen a lot of history, having been founded on July 22, 1978.

Apparently, Japanese fans and industry professionals are already enjoying this prized drink, like Senran Kagura Producer Kenichiro Takaki. Given the recent news, he can probably use some relaxation.

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