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Square Enix’s Left Alive Gets Tons of PS4 Gameplay Showing Stealth and Wanzer Action

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Square Enix’s Left Alive Gets Tons of PS4 Gameplay Showing Stealth and Wanzer Action

Today Square Enix hosted a livestream about the upcoming survival shooter Left Alive, showing plenty of gameplay.

The game was initially played on PS4 directly by Director Toshifumi Nabeshima, and we start with a tutorial-like level in which we get to grips with concepts like stealth, the dialogue choice system, and gathering/crafting.

For the second and third video, the controls are handed to pop idol Mirin Furukawa, who proceeds to show how not to play the game. She overextends, panics, gets stuck in geometry ( to be fair this isn’t her fault) and then gets slaughtered.

She then goes in guns blazing, but enemy soldiers in Left Alive are heavily armored, so simply aiming for the head and body won’t be very effective. Lastly, she tries to steal a wanzer but her tactic doesn’t work out.

Just running to the Wanzer and pressing the button doesn’t work, because it takes a few seconds to board, and you can be interrupted by every hit you receive.

Finally, Nabeshima-san takes back the controls and he shows how to correctly steal the Wanzer. As a result, we get treated to some spiffy Wanzer gameplay, even if it doesn’t last long.

You can watch all the videos below alongside the full livestream.

If you want to see more about Left Alive, you can also enjoy some recent screenshots, a story trailer, and info, the latest gameplay trailer, some more footage, and a gallery with many more screenshots and additional details.

Left Alive will release in Japan on Feb. 28, 2019, for PS4 and PC, and it’ll come west on March 5 for the same platforms.

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