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Square Enix’s Left Alive Gets New PS4 Gameplay Shows Traps, Firefights, and More

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Square Enix’s Left Alive Gets New PS4 Gameplay Shows Traps, Firefights, and More

Today, during a livestream from Square Enix’s headquarters in Tokyo, the publisher presented more gameplay of its upcoming survival shooter Left Alive.

As usual, the broadcast was presented by game director Toshifumi Nabeshima of Armored Core fame and Project Manager Koichiro Sakamoto with Doubutsu Sentai Zyuohger actress Miki Yanagi as in attendance as a celebrity guest.

The first gameplay clip (it’s actually the second you’ll see below, starts with Nabeshima-san himself at the controls, showing Mikhail as he explores a facility. We get to see the use of wire traps and the ability to pick up a Gatling gun from the floor as a temporary weapon.

After a few minutes, Yanagi-san picks up the controller and we move on to some dialogue scenes as things go south and the enemy attacks the building. Nabeshima-san explains that it’s important to properly prepare with traps and obstacles.

Not unexpectedly, since Yanagi-san is a first-timer, things go wrong really quickly.

After that, she takes the time to prepare better, planting several traps all over the place. While the execution wasn’t exactly perfect, with Yanagi-san ignoring the Gatling at her feet and almost getting killed again.

Interestingly, we get to see the ability of alerted enemies to shoot traps instead of mindlessly walking into them. They also seem to be able to jump on top of crates instead of following the most direct path up the stairs.

When a heavily armored and armed enemy walks into the scene, we finally see the Gatling in action.

After an impressive sequence of swings and misses with a metal pipe, more waves of enemies come, and the scene ends with the player almost getting killed by her own trap, but managing to kill the last enemy in the process.

The third and fourth gameplay clips show Yanagi-san going on the offensive, messing up the first move, then deciding once more that a handgun is the best weapon against heavily armored opponents. At the very least it’s funny to watch, and in the end, she still manages to pull through somehow.

To be fair, Yanagi-san is a first timer, so we can’t expect her to be perfect at the game on her first try. I’m more wondering if this is really the best way to publicly showcase the game.

If you want to read more about Left Alive, you can read our recent interview dedicated to the game.

You can also enjoy the latest TV commercial, more recent gameplay, a video focusing on the soundtrack, and the unboxing of the collector’s edition.

Left Alive will release in Japan on Feb. 28, 2019, for PS4 and PC, and it’ll come west on March 5 for the same platforms.

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