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Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Finally Gets a Release Date


Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn Finally Gets a Release Date

Nintendo has finally announced a release date for the upcoming 2D feel-good platformer, Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn. And if you read that title and thought, “Geez, that game sounds familiar,” then you wouldn’t be wrong, as Kirby’s Epic Yarn originally came out for the Nintendo Wii back in 2010.

This upgraded 3DS port of the yarn-filled platformer that was announced during a Nintendo Direct this past September contains everything that made the original so fantastic, but with some shiny new upgrades for returning players and newbies alike.

Some of these new features include, but are not limited to, a Devilish Mode that has you playing through all of the stages like normal but with a crazed speed-fueled demon that is trying to end you and Kirby’s life as you know it.

There will also be some brand-new minigames that allow you to play as the iconic villains of the long-running franchise, King Dedede and Metaknight.

If you missed the initial trailer for Kirby’s Extra Epic Yarn last year, then make sure to check it out down below:

Kirbys Extra Epic Yarn is set to launch on Mar 8, exclusively, for the Nintendo 3DS.

On Twitter today, Nintendo also announced a March release date for Yoshi’s Crafty World and two new NES titles that would be added to the instant collection via Switch online.

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