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New Kingdom Hearts III Trailers Show Bonus Keyblades for PS4 and Xbox One

Kingdom Hearts III

New Kingdom Hearts III Trailers Show Bonus Keyblades for PS4 and Xbox One

Today Square Enix released a batch of trailers showcasing the bonus keyblades that players can grab by pre-ordering Kingdom Hearts III.

The first keyblade we see is Midnight Blue, that can be acquired by pre-ordering the game on the PlayStation Store.

Further information was provided on Twitter. Midnight Blue improves Blizzard magic when equipped.  The “Blizzard Up” attribute increases magic damage while the “Blizzard Gun” command can be used.

The second keyblade is Phantom Green, that you can grab by pre-ordering the game on the Xbox store.

Phantom Green improves Thunder magic when equipped. The “Thunder Up” stat increases thunder damage, and the “Thunder Gun” command becomes available.

The third and last keyblade is Dawn til Dusk, that can be obtained by pre-ordering on Amazon in the west and at Seven Net (Seven Eleven’s online store) in Japan.

Dawn til Dusk does the same as the other two but with Fire damage, including the “Fire Up” and “Firegun” abilities.

If you want to see more keyblades you can check out some artwork released recently by Square Enix.

More footage of Kingdom Hearts III can be enjoyed with latest TV commercials, the “final battle” trailer released a few weeks ago, another recent video, and the opening cutscene featuring Hikaru Utada’s song “Face my Fears.”

Kingdom Hearts III will finally be released on PS4 and Xbox first in Japan on Jan. 25. Western gamers in North America and Europe won’t have much longer to wait in order to play the game, as it will launch on this side of the Pacific Ocean on Jan. 29.

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