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New Kingdom Hearts III Commercials Show Story, Friends, and Battle Gameplay

Kingdom Hearts III

New Kingdom Hearts III Commercials Show Story, Friends, and Battle Gameplay

Today Square Enix released three new commercials of Kingdom Hearts III featuring different aspects of the game.

Of course, they look gorgeous and showcase three different aspects of the game. The first focuses on the friends Sora and his companions will meet, the second is all about battle gameplay, and the third showcases the story.

The commercials are, as far as we know, the last footage we’re getting in December. This month Square Enix has been rather generous which showing off the Kingdom Hearts III. That’s not too surprising considering that we’re a month away from its massively-anticipated release.

Incidentally, in case you missed the news, copies of the game have been leaked into the wild, so you may want to be wary of spoilers floating on the internet. That being said, Director Tetsuya Nomura himself revealed that the epilogue will be released separately, so at least that can’t be spoiled. We asked Square Enix about this, and they simply told us more info will be revealed down the line.

If you want to see more, you can enjoy the “final battle” trailer released a few days ago, another recent video, the latest screenshots and the opening cutscene featuring Hikaru Utada’s song “Face my Fears.”

Kingdom Hearts III will finally be released on PS4 and Xbox first in Japan on Jan. 25. Western gamers in North America and Europe won’t have much longer to wait in order to play the game, as it will launch on this side of the Pacific Ocean on Jan. 29.

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