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Anthem Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Storm Javelin


Anthem Gameplay Trailer Shows Off Storm Javelin

A brand new Anthem gameplay video has just been released and gives an extended look at one of the of ex Javelin suits available in the game, the Storm. The trailer provides potential players with information on the playstyle, abilities, and builds of this particular suit.

First, the profile goes over the Storm’s “glass cannon” approach to combat. The suit is described as being able to put out a large amount of damage with a variety of attacks but also having low armor and agility. This playstyle will require players to focus on their positioning to avoid as much enemy fire as possible while raining down attacks of their own.

Following this, there is a quick overview of the abilities that this Javelin can use to stay alive. Anthem players using the Storm will need to master the suit’s extended hover, personal bubble shield, and teleportation dodge to move through the battlefield effectively.

Next, the video goes over two possible loadouts that this Javelin can access. First up is a build where the Storm uses a frost ability to freeze targets before finishing them off with a melee or lightning strike. The second loadout focuses on long-range support and combines two fire attacks and a one-way shield.

Finally, the video gives a look at the Storm’s ultimate ability and when it can best be used. The ultimate is a three-stage move that has three large ice, lightning, and fire area of effect attacks that are excellent for dealing with large groups.

You can find the video below. Anthem releases on February 22, 2019, but you can find out how to play an early demo here. For more gameplay footage, be sure to check out our coverage of a recent livestream by BioWare and the Lost Arcanist mission video.

Source: IGN

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