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15 Minutes of New Anthem Gameplay Showcases Lost Arcanist Mission


15 Minutes of New Anthem Gameplay Showcases Lost Arcanist Mission

Today BioWare treated us to 15 minutes of new Anthem gameplay. This hype-inducing footage comes to us via IGN, and it consists of a three-man team of javelins playing through the entirety of the Lost Arcanist mission. This is an introductory mission designed to bring players up to speed with Anthem’s impressive aerial traversal and combat mechanics.

The video features three players piloting the Interceptor, Storm and Colossus javelin suits, which showcases the unique gameplay styles of each. The Interceptor is fast and agile and is equipped with a more melee focused load-out for hit-and-run style attacks. The Colossus, conversely, is a powerhouse of heavy munitions and armor plating, and functions as mobile artillery support. The Storm might be the most unique of the bunch, though, as it appears to function as a mage or a wizard would in similar titles. Calling down devastating lightning strikes on groups of unsuspecting enemies, the Storm suit will offer players something truly different, and something that seems almost anachronistic in Anthem’s sci-fi setting.

The mission takes place in a stunning jungle setting replete with waterfalls and impressive skyboxes. These really show off the game’s signature freedom of movement; with players converging on objectives from all angles. Later the action moves indoors and we get a taste of some heavy combat as the small squad takes on dozens of Scars in brutal close quarters combat.

If you need more Anthem in your life, you can check out this trailer from the 2018 Game Awards, which focuses more on the story aspects of Anthem. Alternatively, you can watch more gameplay with commentary from the developers here. And if you are desperate to get your hands on Anthem early, you can get access to a VIP demo by pre-ordering the game.

Anthem is slated for a worldwide launch for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on February 22, 2019.

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