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Warriors Festival 2019 Event Announced by Koei Tecmo

Warriors Orochi 4

Warriors Festival 2019 Event Announced by Koei Tecmo

Today Koei Tecmo announced the Musou Festival 2019, or Warriors Festival 2019 if you’d rather use the western adaptation of the Musou franchise.

The event will be hosted at the Ichikawa City Cultural Hall in Chiba, near Tokyo, on Sunday, March 3rd.

The purpose of the event is to “enjoy the Warriors World” across the whole venue, with attendees that will receive an exclusive DLC for Warriors Orochi 4 as a bonus.

Several members of the voice acting cast will be present as guests, and an official website for the event will be opened on Jan. 17. Ticket details will also be offered on that website.

At the moment we don’t know if we can expect livestreams, panels, or announcements during the event, but it’s certainly likely that something will happen. Tecmo has been quite active with the Warriors series over the past couple years, releasing Dynasty Warriors 9, Warriors Orochi 4, and Dynasty Warriors 8: Xtreme Legends Definitive Edition for Switch just yesterday. Samurai Warriors 4 DX for PS4 and Nintendo Switch is also coming to Japan shortly after the event, on March 14.

February 2019 will also mark the 15th anniversary of the Samurai Warriors series, and the publisher might be preparing something to celebrate in style.

Of course, you’ll hear everything about the Warriors Festival 2019 here on Twinfinite as soon as we learn more from Koei Tecmo.

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