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Kingdom Hearts III Shows Kairi’s Character Model in New Images

Kingdom Hearts III

Kingdom Hearts III Shows Kairi’s Character Model in New Images

Today Square Enix released two new images of the massively-anticipated JRPG Kingdom Hearts III.

The images are character renders of beloved heroine Kairi in battle poses, and she looks great. You can check them out at the bottom of the post.

If you want to see more about Kingdom Hearts III, you can enjoy a recent trailer, another video from earlier this month, and one focusing on Tangled.

Speaking of trailers, while Amazon’s promise of a new one misfired, we’re still getting new footage and a “final” new trailer this month. It’s almost surreal to think that we’re about to see the “final” promotional video of this game after all these years, but we’re almost there.

It’ll be interesting to see where Square Enix will bring the Kingdom Hearts franchise now that the original trilogy is close to its conclusion. Of course, it’ll take quite some time before we see anything of that.

Kingdom Hearts III will finally be released on PS4 and Xbox first in Japan on January 25th. Western gamers in North America and Europe won’t have much longer to wait in order to play, as the game will launch on this side of the Pacific Ocean on January 29th.

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