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Dragon Quest XI Fans Are Asking for PS4 Update or DLC with Japanese Voice Acting

Dragon Quest XI S

Dragon Quest XI Fans Are Asking for PS4 Update or DLC with Japanese Voice Acting

The recent reveal of Dragon Quest XI S for Nintendo Switch has certainly made many fans of Nintendo’s hybrid console happy, but they’re not the only ones who reacted to the announcement.

Square Enix posted the official trailer on Twitter (it’s normal practice in Japan for publishers to block comments on YouTube) many of the replies came from Japanese fans who purchased the game on PS4 requesting an update with the Japanese voice track that for now has been announced only for the Switch version.

It’s worth mentioning that most replies weren’t angry demands, but simply polite requests, with many mentioning that they’re willing to pay for a DLC in order to get the Japanese track.

User 轟和尋 mentioned: “It’s definitely ok if it’s a paid update… Please add voices to the PS4 version… Please”

echoed a similar sentiment: “A paid DLC would also be fine! Voices for the PS4 version too! (Also the toggle for voices on and off…)”

said: “I’d be happy if you implemented voices with a PS4 version update” (happy smiley) “If it has the specs the PS4 [version] and it comes with voices, after all, I’d still want it for PS4.” (sweatdrop smiley)

also mentioned: “Will there be voices for the PS4 version? I’ll pay for it”

said: “I’d be ok if you charged something like 2,000 yen but I’d like you to update the PS4 version. I also have a Switch, but I purchased the PS4 version new and it was expensive. Since the story was extremely interesting, it’d also be an opportunity to play it again (^ω^)”

These are just some among the many comments with similar requests, which, of course, also extended to other online environments like discussion boards, website comments, and other forms of social media. Similar requests have also been expressed by western fans, many of which appreciate Japanese voice acting in games from the archipelago of the Rising Sun.

The original Japanese version of Dragon Quest XI was launched in the summer of 2017 without a voice track, with the explanation that the team wanted to tweak the story up to the last minute. This didn’t leave any time for voice acting. Western fans had to wait until September 2018 to get the game, but in exchange for their patience, they received an English voice track which was never patched into the Japanese version.

At the moment, Square Enix has neither confirmed or denied the possibility of patching the Japanese voice track into either the local or western PS4 (or PC) versions of the game. We’ll have to wait and see, but the demand is certainly there.

The Switch version of Dragon Quest XI will come in 2019, and more information that has been promised for January. If you want to see more, you can also check out how Dragon Quest XI S stacks against the PS4 version in terms of graphics.


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