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DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get More Battlefield Memory


DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get More Battlefield Memory

How to Get More Battlefield Memory in DBZ Dokkan Battle

Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) is perhaps the most iconic and well-known Japanese anime of all time, so it’s no wonder that the free-to-play mobile game DBZ Dokkan Battle is so insanely popular. Here’s how to get more battlefield memory in Dokkan Battle if you’re finding it hard to come by.

Virtual Dokkan Ultimate Clash is a special battle mode that players of 150 ranking or above can participate in. Here, you’re tasked with defeating enemies to clear a stage in exchange for rewards. One such reward is Battlefield Memory, which can be used to purchase new items and characters at Baba’s shop.

Basically, if you need to get more Battlefield Memory in DBZ Dokkan Battle, you’ll want to continually clear more stages and accumulate as much as you can. If you need more to make an exchange, don’t use them after an Ultimate Clash ends.

Instead, try to collect the rest that you need in subsequent Ultimate Clashes. You need to be a little patient.

However, every week you have the chance to pick up an additional 6000 gems for beating a stage 3 times. You can opt to fight whichever boss you prefer, it doesn’t matter — just opt for the easiest one possible and grind it out for more gems.

Additionally, you can also get more by completing the weekly missions available within the special event, which reset every Sunday at 7 pm EST.

Our pro tip for you is that instead of spending Battlefield Memory on Captain Ginyu when presented the option, don’t! Instead, save it for LR Metal Cooler army. He’s a very handy character that’s much more powerful, with a 70% leader skill and the following stats:

  • HP 5136
  • ATK 3645
  • DEF 1981

That’s all the information we have about how to get more battlefield memory in DBZ Dokkan Battle. For more guides on the game, be sure to search Twinfinite.

We’ve got guides on how many areas there are, how to get Porunga Dragon Balls, and All of Porunga’s Wishes, too.


Question: How to get more battlefield memory in DBZ Dokkan Battle?

Answer: Clear more stages, and accumulate it rather than spending immediately. You can also collect more from completing special missions.

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