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DBZ Dokkan Battle: How Many Areas There Are


DBZ Dokkan Battle: How Many Areas There Are

How Many Areas There Are in DBZ Dokkan Battle

DBZ Dokkan Battle is a free-to-play mobile game that’s packed with everyone’s favorite characters from the anime series. Unlike the other entries in the series, Dokkan Battle plays out like a board game in which players will have to hop around a map that contains spots with certain traps, power-ups, items, and fights. When you’re playing in quest mode, these maps are divided into different areas in the game. One question some fans might have is how many areas there are in DBZ Dokkan Battle.

As it stands, there are currently 27 areas in DBA Dokkan Battle. Here’s the current list of each map in the game:

  • A Gloomy Parallel World
  • The Ultimate Life Form!
  • Call to Arms
  • The Emperor’s Wrath
  • The Dreaded Ginyu Force
  • The Androids Attack!
  • Assault of the Saiyans!
  • Merciless Frieza
  • Arise, Saiyan Prince
  • Red Ribbon Machinations
  • Unknown Saiyans
  • Terror Returns
  • When Warriors Collide
  • The Ultimate Android
  • Distorted Destiny
  • Reunited
  • Frieza’s Menace!
  • The Epic Attack and Defense
  • Stop the Majin’s Revival
  • Plot of Darkness
  • Omen of Brutal Brawl
  • A New Threat
  • Stop Cell’s Perfect Form!
  • Ambitious Androids
  • Signs of Invasion
  • Demonic Technology
  • Taxing Endeavor

It’s worth noting that some areas in DBZ Dokkan Battle do have different levels, so you will have to work your way through the map until you can access the other areas in the game. That being said, it’s still unclear whether the developers will be adding new maps in the near future, but we’ll be updating this post as soon as they announce more. If you’ have already cleared all 27 areas in DBZ Dokkan Battle, you can always replay them or try some of the other modes in the game.

If you’re looking for more tips, tricks, and details on DBZ Dokkan Battle, make sure to search for Twinfinite.

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