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DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Porunga Dragon Balls

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DBZ Dokkan Battle: How to Get Porunga Dragon Balls

How to Get Porunga Dragon Balls in DBZ Dokkan Battle

To celebrate the third anniversary of DBZ Dokkan Battle, 21 Dragon Balls have been hidden deep within the game. Collecting seven of them will summon Porunga, aka the far less attractive Namekian parallel to Shenron. Cryptic hints are offered to help you find them, but if you’re not keen on using your noodle, feel free to use ours. Our noodle is for everyone!

You will be able to collect one ball per day in a set order, so make sure to check the hint for today to see the ball currently available. You’ll get a chance down the track to nab the ones you missed out on, too.

Set 1

  • Ball #1: Daily training is crucial to getting stronger. (Train one character)
  • Ball #2: Find the button for switching between Quests and Events on the HOME screen. (Do just as the hint says, and switch between the two three times)
  • Battle alongside the little warrior who saved Dende from Dodoria. (Complete a quest with any character described as Gohan (Kid)).
  • Is it possible to be friends with yourself? (Search your own ID in the friend search, and attempt to send a friend request)
  • The Scouter had an abnormal reaction?! (On the summon screen, tap the scouter button and look at the featured unit)
  • Where can you find lots of Awakening Medals? (Complete any of the stages of Battle for Awakening Medals)
  • A Dragon Ball is also hidden inside the banner!? (On the home screen, one of the banners will be marked as a question mark. Click it to collect the ball)

Set 2

  • Tap on the invisible button on the character list screen. (On the character select screen, click the number on the bottom that scrolls to the bottom of the screen. It will be one number over another)
  • Get help from the hermit that lives on top of the holy tower. (Awaken any character using a Kami Awakening Medal)
  • Make a circle on the home screen for the amount of Dragon Balls that there are. (This one’s cute, requiring you to rotate the character wheel on the home screen seven times)
  • Obtain new allies with the bond that you’ve created with your friends. (Do a friend summon)
  • Do a lot of Quest and Event stages. (Use 50 stamina)
  • An old lady that likes to look at money and fights is looking to trade. (Head into the Baba Shop, and spend some Baba Points on an item)
  • Awaken the power of ‘Super’ or ‘Extreme’. (Z-Awaken a character)

Set 3

  • Fight a strong enemy in a fierce battle. (Complete a Dokkan event)
  • Awaken a character to a new form. (Dokkan Awaken a character)
  • Visit an old enemy’s shop. (Access Pilaf’s Trove on the main menu)
  • My training is a bit tough. (Train at Korin’s Tower)
  • Go and find the glowing orbs that are one of the 5 colors. (Clear the Hidden Potential stages that is currently available to you)
  • It seems that you still have dormant powers. (Raise a character’s hidden potential by one node)
  • Fight with 5 allies that are colored in the same color. (Don’t overthink that instruction, just complete a stage with a mono team (characters of the same type))

With that, you will have assembled three different sets of Dragon Balls, without even having to leave your living room! Pretty sweet deal, if you ask us. For more tips and tricks on DBZ Dokkan Battle and more, stay tuned in with the team here on Twinfinite!

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