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DBZ Dokkan Battle: All of Porunga’s Wishes


DBZ Dokkan Battle: All of Porunga’s Wishes

All of Porunga’s Wishes in DBZ Dokkan Battle

To celebrate the third anniversary of DBZ Dokkan Battle, multiple sets of Dragon Balls have been hidden throughout the game. If you want to track them down, make sure to check out our guide on how to find the Porunga Dragon Balls! Assembling a complete set allows you to summon Porunga, and make one of Porunga’s wishes. Depending on which one you select, you will be rewarded with a selection of items, though it’s not exactly clear based on the phrasing of the wish itself.

Never fear, however! We know that Dragon Balls are a precious commodity, and you don’t want your wishes to go to waste. As such, we’ve compiled information on what each wish yields. Choose wisely, think hard… but please consider spending your wish on bringing Krillin back to life. Poor dude’s probably died again by the time you started this article.

  • Wish: I want to activate Hidden Potential!
    • What you’ll get: 1300 small potential orbs of each type, 640 medium potential orbs of each type, and 60 large potential orbs of each type.
  • Wish: I want to power up Special Attacks!
    • What you’ll get: 3 Big Name in the Otherworld Grand Kai cards of each type (guaranteeing their Super Attack will level up by 1 from training).
  • Wish: I want Treasures!
    • What you’ll get: 777 Sugoroku Jewels.
  • Wish: I want to be filthy rich!
    • What you’ll get: 7 Diamond Hercule Statues (worth 5,000,000 zeni) and 10 Platinum Hercule Statues (worth 1,500,000 zeni).
  • Wish: I want to awaken allies!
    • What you’ll get: 7 Supreme Kai and Elder Kai medals, 30 Kibito, North Kai, West Kai, East Kai and South Kai medals, 100 Grand Elder Guru, Kami, Korin, Bibidi and Babidi medals, 300 Master Roshi, Mr. Popo, Grandpa Gohan, Mutaito and Master Shen medals, and 500 Dr. Gero, Bubbles and Gregory medals.
  • Wish: I want Training items!
    • What you’ll get: 50 Platinum Turtle Shells of each type, 100 Z Swords of each type, 30 Gravity Chamber cards (150G) and 50 Supreme Kai’s Planet cards.
  • Wish: I want Support items!
    • What you’ll get: 100 Bulma (Future), Whis, Marron, Ghost Usher, Princess Snake, Android 8 and Old Model Scanner (Red) cards.

It’s entirely up to you how you want to spend your wish, but don’t worry too much if you regret it – there are three sets of Dragon Balls in total, so you’ll get the chance to make another before long! Stay tuned with us here on Twinfinite for more DBZ Dokkan Battle tips, tricks and guides.

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