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Rage 2 Warbles 12 Days of Ragemas and Its a Magical Mess

12 Days of Ragemas, Rage 2

Rage 2 Warbles 12 Days of Ragemas and Its a Magical Mess

On this most hallowed of holidays, Christmas Eve’s Eve, Bethesda’s Rage 2 serenades us months before its summer release May 14. A rather weird festive choir counts down the days with their own brand of post-apocalyptic, neon-hued hijinks.

We see strings of fairy lights enlace a rocky spire as sleighbells count us into the rousing ditty, with heads a splodin’, deadly races, lost limbs, and mutants getting down on the dancefloor. There’s not a partridge or a pear tree to speak of, but we do see one of Rage 2’s crusty Pheonix vehicles flying high into a ravine. Lovely.

Ragemas itself has been counting the days over on Bethesda’s Twitter, each day offering another nugget of insanity all compiled here and tied up with a bow. Rage 2 has received a lot of promo over the last few days, Bethesda’s own holiday inspired giveaway including a pair of custom controllers inspired by the paint splattered Wastelands.

We’ve seen the post-apocalyptic done to death in gaming, but rarely do we see it done with such whimsy or humor. From what seems to be Mad Max-inspired romp on bath salts, smothered in spray paint and dusted with spikes, we’ll see more of the sequel in the new year.

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