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Xbox Game Pass Adds Three More Games This Week

Xbox Game Pass, Mutant Year Zero

Xbox Game Pass Adds Three More Games This Week

Microsoft announced today it will be adding three more games to its Xbox Game Pass subscription catalog over the course of this week.

One of the games, The Gardens Between, will be available for pass members starting today, Nov. 29. The single-player puzzle adventure follows two best friends who fall into “a surreal world full of dreamlike garden islands” and manipulate time to solve puzzles.

The other two games will be releasing for the service on Dec. 4 and Dec. 6, respectively, and their official descriptions can be found below.

  • Mutant Year Zero – “A tactical adventure game with turn-based combat and real-time exploration of a post-apocalyptic world, Mutant Year Zero: Road to Eden puts you in command of a unique squad of mutant soldiers as you scavenge through the remains of civilization to survive. From the creators of Hitman and PayDay, experience a mix of story, exploration, stealth, and strategy in the brutal environment of a decimated planet Earth as your band of heroes embark on a quest to discover the legend of Eden.”
  • Strange Brigade – “Join an elite agency of extraordinary adventurers and investigate the darkest corners of Egypt, where mythological menaces manifest! Strange Brigade offers a rip-roaring, 1930s-style campaign full of peril, intrigue, and good old derring-do for one to four players as you tackle an army of mummified monsters! Solve mind-bending puzzles, defy dastardly traps, unearth incredible treasure in a mysterious, ancient landscape and use the most marvelous firearms known to man in thrilling third-person combat to defeat the witch queen Seteki and send her petrifying minions back to the afterlife.”

Mutant Year Zero was already announced as coming to the Xbox Game Pass alongside PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and 14 other games earlier this month. It did not include the usual monthly drop of new titles for the service, which was headlined by Sniper Elite 4.

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