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5 Best Fighting Games on PS4 to Play Right Now


5 Best Fighting Games on PS4 to Play Right Now

After nearly five years in the eighth console generation, some of the best fighting games ever made have released on the PS4. From technical skill-based brawlers to spectacle casual affairs, fighting game fans have a lot of options.

Questions abound whether scenes remain too competitive, feature extensive play modes, or even basic 3D or 2D arena battles. To help fighting game fans, we’ve compiled a handy list featuring some of our top choices in the fighting game genre.

Check out our picks below on the best fighting games for PS4.

The Best Fighting Games on PS4

5. Soul Calibur VI

soul calibur, best fighting games

Bandai Namco’s Soul Calibur franchise remains the black sheep of fighting games. From baffling guest characters to cringy ways to ‘enter the stage of history,’ you can’t help but love this oddball of a franchise.

However, Soul Calibur VI re-captures a lot of the magic that the latest entries into the series lost. The hilariously open character creator featured will have the creative gamer bursting with laughter. And after terrible single-player campaigns from IV & V, Soul Calibur VI may hold the best offering in the franchise.

Long-time fans of Soul Calibur will appreciate the Chronicle of Souls’ campaign’s convoluted franchise narrative. Along with the main story, characters hold unique mini-campaigns. And while earning SP with each to spend on in-game unlockables, you’ll doubtless discover your main fighting style.

That preference will likely carry over the Libra of Souls campaign. With its unique RPG-like structure, you’ll take on side quests, decide your moral alignment, and level up a custom fighter with the style of your choice. In fact, Libra of Souls holds countless possibilities for campaign choices, resulting in dozens of different outcomes.

Even with these two expansive campaign offerings, Soul Calibur VI bursts at its seams with other gameplay modes. With the usual offerings of an arcade, versus, and online play, fans of 3D fighters should keep their eye on this gem. Therefore, it secures its place among the best fighting games on PS4.

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