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Injustice 2 Update 1.10 Causes Players to Lose Gears and Shaders

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Injustice 2 Update 1.10 Causes Players to Lose Gears and Shaders

Pray your epic gears are safe.

Plenty of Injustice 2 gamers on PS4 are having a rough time today upon finding out that most, if not all, of their hard-earned gears and shaders have been deleted after they downloaded the latest patch.

The uproar can now be seen in several Injustice 2 forums, and their plight is understandable considering that rare gears are pretty difficult to obtain due to the game’s RNG loot box system. Luckily, players struck by the gear-deleting patch can rest at ease as developer NeatherRealm announced on Twitter that the team is aware of the issue and is currently doing an investigation to address concerns.

Aside from having their gears deleted, PS4 players also got the short end of the stick in getting Raiden earlier. The DLC character, who is scheduled to launch officially in October, has been playable for Xbox One owners since the October update, or version 1.09, dropped today. Apparently, update 1.09 was solely meant to patch bugs, but it also added DLC support for Raiden and the Black Lightning premiere skin. With the complete assets of Raiden now brought about by the patch, players on Xbox One could simply browse on the Xbox Live store to download the paid character. Sadly, this option is not available for PS4 players.

Those who downloaded Raiden shared online that the marketplace states that the guest Mortal Kombat character will become available on October 10 for Ultimate Edition owners and October 17 for purchasing him individually. Simply put, at least PS4 players got to know the release date of Raiden due to the mishap.

The last DLC character in Injustice 2’s second DLC pack is Hellboy. Though no release date was given for the half-demon character, he’ll likely be released in November based on NeatherRealm’s trend in releasing DLCs.

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