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6 Months Later, Gravity Rush 2 Campaigners Reunite to Keep Servers Online

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6 Months Later, Gravity Rush 2 Campaigners Reunite to Keep Servers Online

Gravity Rush 2, a charming, colorful game about falling in style, was to have its online servers shuttered forever until a fan campaign intervened. The vocal Gravity Rush community extended the game’s handful of online features for six months from its original shutdown date of Jan. 18 to July 18. Now, less than two weeks from its second scheduled shutdown, and only 18 months after the game’s initial release, fans have reunited in an effort to extend the Gravity Rush 2’s online features once more.

The effort, dubbed the #DontForgetGravityRush campaign, seeks to preserve the bells and whistles of the experience players enjoyed in 2017. Though Gravity Rush 2 is largely an offline affair, a number of asynchronous player features and cosmetic items are currently locked behind the game’s online functionality. Those coming to Gravity Rush 2 after July 18 will miss out on:

  • Sending/Receiving Challenges: You’ll no longer be able to challenge other players to ghost races in a Challenge.

  • Browse ranking: Both the worldwide Dusty Tokens charts and all of the 20 in-game challenge leaderboards are being removed. You’ll no longer be able to see how your score compares to the rest of the world. This removal stands out because the remaster of the original Gravity Rush still has active leaderboards.

  • Receiving and posting treasure hunts: This is probably the most popular online mode, where you can search for the location of treasure chests by means of a photo taken by another player.

  • Receiving, posting and reviewing photos: You can take photos in-game and then upload them for others to review. These appear as “blue” Kats throughout the game world.

  • Earning Dusty Tokens and rewards: Dusty Tokens are earned by participating in some of the above online modes. There are 10 unique rewards that can be unlocked this way, including a talisman that allows for infinite shifting. Sony made it clear that new players won’t be able to unlock these rewards after the online servers have been decommissioned.

  • Ghosts of the Fallen: If you die in the dungeon-like “Delvool Trench Mine” challenges (consisting of 50 layers, each with their own challenge), your ghost would be left behind, along with half of the items you had collected so far. Other players could find your ghost and collect those items. When the online servers go down, you’ll no longer encounter ghosts from other players.

  • Treasure Chest items: there are a total of 58 unique in-game items that can be found in treasure chests. Without the online Treasure Hunts functionality, finding these becomes far more difficult.

Gravity Rush 2 was among the opening salvo of high-profile releases in early 2017, and Twinfinite staff have called the SIE Japan Studio title a game well worth saving. Barring a second miracle from the #DontForgetGravityRush campaign, players have about 12 days to fully understand why.

This post was originally written by Jonathan Bryant.

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