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Metal Gear Rising No Longer Playable on Mac Due to DRM Shutdown

metal gear rising

Metal Gear Rising No Longer Playable on Mac Due to DRM Shutdown

If you purchased Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to play on Mac OS X systems, unfortunately you’ll no longer be able to play the game. The company behind its DRM has actually shut down, leaving players unable to access the title when playing on a Mac.

One Redditor discovered the issue, who found that the port, developed by Transgaming, will no longer be able to call out and reach the server required to unlock the game since Transgaming has shut down. The DRM will no longer work properly, leaving folks who purchased the title on that system able to play a game they purchased legitimately.

“There’s no reason why this game can’t run in its current format for the people who bought it,” the Redditor stated in their post. “There’s also no one to make a patch, and users who bought this game legally are stuck having to resort to pirating a copy if they want to play it.”

The Mac OS X version of the game has since been removed from Steam, but unfortunately there are no official comments on the situation, nor any real way for players to get back access to the game they’re now unable to play, which is a frustrating situation for all.

Have you lost access to the game?

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