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EA Reveals New Battlefield V Footage, Battle Royale Mode Trailer


EA Reveals New Battlefield V Footage, Battle Royale Mode Trailer

EA has revealed new gameplay footage as part of their E3 2018 press conference, showing off what will be available to players when it launches later this year.

During the company’s EA Play show, new footage was revealed for the next entry in DICE’s military shooter series. Kicking the show off with footage of the game’s trademark multiplayer, the company revealed some of the elements that will be present in the game mode. Allowing players to dive and smash through windows, move implanted weaponry or tear through buildings with armored weaponry such as tanks, players will have a new level of options to explore with environment destructibility. Player characters can also be customized to a higher degree.

New info was also teased for the title’s single player story campaigns which follow different characters through their experiences during World War II. More information is set to be revealed during Microsoft’s press conference on June 10.

Finally, the company revealed that the game would include a battle royale mode, with more information and footage planned for release later in the year.

The new footage will be added as soon as it becomes available.

Originally revealed May 23, the game is the first title since 2009 to return to WWII as its setting. The game has faced some criticism for the use of a woman on its cover art to which the creators have responded that they strive to make their games fun and inclusive to everyone above all else.

“The Battlefield sandbox has always been about playing the way you want,” Oskar Gabrielson, GM at DICE, said via Twitter. “Like attempting to fit three players on a galloping horse, with flamethrowers. With BFV you also get the chance to play as who you want. This is .”

Battlefield V is currently slated for release on October 19. For more on all the news coming out of E3 2018, stay tuned on our website throughout today’s presentations.

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