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Capcom Appears to Be Teasing a Resident Evil Project

Resident Evil 2 Remake, Claire Redfield

Capcom Appears to Be Teasing a Resident Evil Project

Will we be entering the world of survival horror again?

The Resident Evil series has been pretty active over the past few years, with the seventh installment officially releasing last year. Capcom also decided to head back to the series’ roots by making a full-on horror game with a slightly different plot than the past six games. The developers also released the final two pieces of DLC this year, End of Zoe and Not A Hero.

That said, it seems like they are gearing up to reveal another title in the franchise. Twitter user Resident Evil Plus+ discovered a new image from the official Biohazard Twitter account featuring RE7 and both of the Revelations spin-offs. There seems to be one unfilled space to the far-left, suggesting that they might be teasing a new game to add to the banner.

While Capcom hasn’t revealed much about the picture, there could be a good chance that the blank space is for the Resident Evil 2 Remake. The game will be celebrating its 20th anniversary on Jan. 21, and they haven’t shared many details about it since the official reveal a few years back. Now seems like the perfect time to announce some long-awaited info about the game, so we’ll just have to wait and see what they have in store.


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