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Ghost Recon Wildlands is Receiving a Free PVP Update

ghost recon

Ghost Recon Wildlands is Receiving a Free PVP Update

More Ghosts on the way.

Ubisoft has announced a new update coming to Ghost Recon Wildlands on December 14th. This is the second major free update to the PvP mode, adding two new classes to the fray.

The new class is called the Pathfinder, a crossbow-wielding Ghost that heavily emphasizes stealth and cannot be marked by drones. The second, however, will not be revealed until the upcoming Ghost Recon Wildlands live stream over on the Ubisoft Twitch channel on December 13th – so feel free to start guessing early!

The update also adds ranked play and extra maps for Elimination and Uplink modes, as well as new weapons and gameplay updates.

Ghost Recon Wildlands is the latest in the series of Tom Clancy’s tactical shooters and is available for Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC. Set in Bolivia amidst growing corruption and the uprising drug cartel, the elite Ghost squad has been sent in to extract information and put an end to the threat. For more intel of your own, make sure to check out the Twinfinite review!


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