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Sea of Thieves Release Date Finally Confirmed

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Sea of Thieves Release Date Finally Confirmed

The pirates are finally setting sail!

Among all of the announcements and new trailers during the Game Awards last night, one announcement slightly flew under the radar, that of a final release date confirmation for Rare’s anticipated pirate party, Sea of Thieves.

The open ocean adventure has been in the works for some time, originally unveiled during Microsoft’s E3 2015 presentation. Various technical alpha tests have since ironed out most of the features and bugs, though the game was eventually delayed from its original 2017 release date to ensure it was up to scratch.

Having teased a potential announcement during the week on social media, Rare dropped its newest trailer last night during the end of year awards show, finally confirming a release date of March 20, 2018 for both Xbox One (with Xbox One X support) and PC. The short but sweet trailer also showed off some of the many customization features that players can look forward to once the game is available, with plenty of clothing and accessory items for budding pirates to create their own personal look, along with plenty of action sequences and a healthy dose of chickens.

While players wait just a few more months longer, those lucky enough to sign on in time will soon be taking part in the last technical test phase for Sea of Thieves, ironing out any remaining bugs before its full launch early next year.

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