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Goku Is Just as Awesome as Always in the New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer


Goku Is Just as Awesome as Always in the New Dragon Ball FighterZ Trailer

No one crosses a Super Saiyan of this caliber.

The latest Dragon Ball FighterZ trailer features everyone’s favorite ultra-powerful hero Goku as he stretches his legs in his Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan form, also known as Super Saiyan Blue, which is a lot less of a mouthful than the repetitive other title. Seriously, that one’s a little much.

The trailer introduces Goku as he beats the stuffing out of SSGSS Vegeta, powers up, and continues to pummel the Prince of All Saiyans. It’s ugly. But it also looks oh, so good. This could be the best-looking Dragon Ball Z game yet, especially considering how smooth the animation looks, as if it were pulled straight from the anime. It’s leaps and bounds ahead of what we got with the Dragon Ball Xenoverse games, if you’ve been keeping track.

Check out the clip below and get geared up for Dragon Ball FighterZ, which is slated for release on Jan. 26, 2018. That’s plenty of time for you to try and at least push through the important parts of Dragon Ball Z before jumping into the game. Almost, anyway.


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