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Destiny 2’s Holiday Event “The Dawning” Brings Snowball Fights and Gifts Next Week

Destiny 2, The Dawning 2017

Destiny 2’s Holiday Event “The Dawning” Brings Snowball Fights and Gifts Next Week

Snowballs and more gear.

The Dawning, Bungie’s holiday-themed event originating from the first Destiny game, is coming back to Destiny 2 on Dec. 19, the developer announced today.

The three-week event adds festive decorations to both the Tower and Farm social spaces with piles of snow that players can create snowballs and throw at each other. The snowballs will also appear in Strikes, which can stun enemies when thrown and “deal big damage.” The social spaces will also have a hockey rink, complete with a giant puck.

The multiplayer playlist Mayhem is coming back from the original Destiny as well. The competitive mode decreases the recharge time of grenades, melee, and special abilities for more frantic fights. Completing these events and specific milestones can earn Dawning engrams with new seasonal gear, though Tess at the Eververse vendor will be selling specific pieces during the entire event.

“If there’s a specific Dawning item that you have your heart set on, Tess will refresh her inventory each week, enabling you to use your Bright Dust reserves for your holiday shopping,” says Bungie. “On one week or another during the three-week event, you’ll find every Dawning-themed exotic (ship, ghost, sparrow, emote) and every Dawning-themed legendary armor piece on her shelves.”

Players can also receive gifts by giving them out with the Dawning Gift Schematic from the Bazaar. “Venture to other worlds and craft a unique gift for the vendors and agents you find in the Tower and beyond,” according to its description. “Then, give the lucky recipient their gift and receive a gift in return.”

The Dawning begins in Destiny 2 on Tuesday, Dec. 19 and ends Tuesday, Jan. 9 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC.


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