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You Can Pre-Register for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Right Now


You Can Pre-Register for Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition Right Now

Take your favorite Final Fantasy XV characters on the go.

If you’ve been looking forward to Final Fantasy XV: Pocket Edition, the countdown for release officially begins today, as you can pre-register for the game right now via the Google Play Store. It’s set to launch on iPhone, iPad, Android, and Windows 10 devices sometime this winter, but you can start gleaning info about the game way ahead of time if you can’t wait to embark on the journey.

The game is a chibi-fied retelling of Final Fantasy XV that spans ten different episodes, offering fans the ability to check out the sprawling world of Eos with more freedom than before. Featuring casual touch controls for mobile devices and altered mechanics to make it simpler for gamers on the go, it’s a nice companion to the original RPG.

You can purchase all ten of the game’s episodes when it launches, with the first available for free. Episodes 2 through 10 will be available for purchase individually, or you can buy them at 99 cents from episodes 2 and 3, moving up to $3.99 for 4 through 10.

You can check out a new trailer showing off some additional gameplay and artwork from the upcoming game, and go and pre-register at the official Android page here. Unfortunately, there’s still no concrete release date for the game just yet.


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