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Splatfest Results: Team Vampire Wins Splatoon 2’s Halloween Showdown

Splatfest Results

Splatfest Results: Team Vampire Wins Splatoon 2’s Halloween Showdown

In a clean sweep no less

The Splatfest Results have arrived: Give it up for Team Vampire, hotter than a pan fryer in a campfire! Vampires shut out Werewolves by winning all three Splatfest categories.

The popular vote was fairly close, 54% to 46%, and the solo and team categories were even closer. Team Vampire won 51% of the solo bouts and 52% of the team battles. Despite Team Vampire winning all three categories, these Splatfest Results were one of the closest yet in terms of winning percentages.

Despite being the less popular member of Off The Hook, this win makes Pearl 3-for-3 in North American Splatfests since Splatoon 2 launched in July. Marina’s lone victory came during the Splatfest World Premiere just before the game launched, her Team Ice Cream easily defeating Pearl’s team cake.

This is also the first Splatfest in which the more popular team won. Last month’s Splatfest, which pitted the super powers flight and invisibility against one another, saw Team Flight emerge victorious despite losing the popular vote. August’s Mayonnaise vs Ketchup event created a bit of controversy because Team Mayo was so few in number that Team Ketchup members rarely matched up against rival condiment teams. Whether that played a factor in Team Mayo’s victory or not is unclear, but it’s good to see the teams pretty evenly split since then.

Earlier this month, the European Splatfest pitted front toilet paper rolls versus back toilet paper roles, which Team Front won. In Japan, people more confident in their agility are facing those who believe in their endurance. We’ll have those results when they arrive as well.

Did you participate in the latest Splatfest? Let us know what you thought about it! As a proud member of Team Vampire I can safely say I’m pretty pleased with both these results and Pearl’s fantastic post-victory rap and can’t wait to see November’s theme.

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