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Jurassic World Evolution Game Details Are Here Thanks to Frontier’s Live Stream


Jurassic World Evolution Game Details Are Here Thanks to Frontier’s Live Stream

Will you master John Hammond’s dream?

Those that were eager to find out more about on the upcoming Jurassic World Evolution game had some major questions answered during the 2017 Frontier Expo Livestream today.

Although not the only focus of the stream, Frontier devs sat down and discussed more of what players can expect when Jurassic World Evolution comes out in the Summer of 2018.

Frontier wanted gamers to experience that “original Jurassic Park dream” that spurred John Hammond forward in the 1993 film. Players will be involved in all stages of the park’s development, starting with extracting the Dino-DNA from dig sites around the world and bio-engineering them to raising your dinosaurs from their eggs and into maturity.

Jurassic World Evolution, Ingen

Not only will gamers be instrumental in raising these creatures, but it will be up to the player how they run their park and what they will focus on as there are three paths to follow. Will you build your park for entertainment purposes? Maybe you’ll use it as a location to show off your security measures? Or maybe you’d rather focus on the science behind bringing dinosaurs back to life. You can also choose to balance all three.

Along with managing the park, gamers will experience numerous emergency situations, including illness that afflicts your real-life attractions to natural disasters and storms.

In-game assets and screenshots were also showed while the developers exposed details about Jurassic World Evolution, showing off the environments, as well as the dinosaurs that were made possible not only by the experienced Frontier team but also with a little help from Universal Studios sending them assets to build from as well.

Jurassic World Evolution will be available for PC, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One when it releases.

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